Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ninja Gaiden Z: Yaiba Concept Artwork Drop :)

I had a blast working with the wonderful team at Spark Unlimited last year on our crazy fun title, Ninja Gaiden Z: Yaiba. Big shout out to the team and leadership! AD work by Richard Smith, Design and CD work by Cory Davis and Toby Gard, Producer Skillz by John Garcia Shelton, bombastic sound design by the legendary Grant Kirkhope and amazing Environment Team leadership by Steve Ratter and Eric Beyhl; y'all made a really fun game and I'm plowing through it this weekend on the PS3 and loving it. I got a chance on this project to also work under the guidance of two of my heroes in games, the great Keiji Inafune as CD and the amazing Rodrigo Riberio as Lead Concept. Proud to be part of this title, thanks for taking a look!


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abdulaziz frankie said...

this is awesome and i love what am be honest am a big fan of ninja gaiden and i real love what am seeing and can u post more...this is my email if u can post more of this i will be happy and i want to see ryu and hayate more