Wednesday, June 21, 2006

what the ef! balloons n stuff!

lets see, i kinda felt like doing a cute one today, something just fun to look at i guess. besides, everyone loves balloons! this one was about 45 mins to an hour, i'm just trying to get faster at this. the second painting was done in 15 mins or so, just to practice value and composition, i would probably explore a better angle for a full color pass at this but i get the elements in this one. well kids, thanks for playing :D

i was surprised that i didn't post this as my introduction cause this is a coverspread for a little story i'm developing. lots to do with mod culture, the 60's (67-69), quadrifinia, the who, and a chase sequence! so its an oldie, but it looks too fun not to have up :D hopefully i get around to making the rest of the vespa gang.