Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm in Playboy!

I didn't get the operation, so settle down ;)

Playboy: Girls of Gaming 2009.
High quality render/illustration created by Pandemic/EA's Render Team.
Chris Hunt, Shao Zhang, Benjamin Liu, Justin Lewers, James Kennedy, Huan Phan, David Durry Allen, Jason Hazelroth and I. From Concept to Final, it was a blast to lead this one to the finish. :-)

This is a larger version for all the folks that put in amazing work creating The Saboteur, more art on the way!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

First set of art from The Saboteur


These are the first of many pieces created for The Saboteur (hits U.S. store shelves this Dec. 8th).
It was my pleasure to Concept alongside the many talented Artists and Engineers at our Studio; we had the unique opportunity to recreate a war torn and brutally occupied 1940's Paris painted in the Film Noir tradition; resulting in a harsh yet alluring Black and White representation of the world. I had the great fortune to work very closely building these environments with our Design and World Building Leads, Tom and Erik respectively, and through this process we've created some of the most detailed and referentially dense final art I've seen in a game.

Along with environments, Concept got to take a shot at lending a hand to our in game User Interface-providing artwork for the perks and economy systems. This opportunity to help out lead to our Concept group contributing greatly to the final product. it was a blast to see this vision through with a whole lot of style from beginning to end.

Lastly, our Concept team had a great time adding to the wonderful marketing initiative headed by our internal marketing group. Creating promotional images for the San Diego Comic Con 09, print features in Playboy: Girls of Gaming issue 2009 and many others. If you haven't gotten and chance to take a peek, swing by Jason Hazelroth's blog for a feast for the eyes. His efforts for showcasing the action to be had in The Saboteur are exciting illustrations that I'm sure will make your desktops a lot happier :)

First set of links to contributors to this set of artwork:

Jason Hazelrorth
Bryan Norton
Allen Im
Chris Hunt
John Burnett
Erik Jakobsen
Joe Myers
Tom French
Michael Marzola

Thanks for taking a look and letting me yarn on, more links and art coming soon :)