Friday, March 10, 2006

here's a girl i used to know in painting form!

here's some sketches of people i saw during a lunch.
i like the old lady sipping away. the cowboy is a doodle for an illustration.

well lookie here, look who just showed up...

The beginning is always a difficult thing to sum up, so many things to say, usually a good time for one to explain themselves and introductions. So here goes my best shot...

My name is Imran, nice to meet you :D

Thank you for stopping by to visit my journal, its a work in progress and thats the way I think journals should be. No fluff, less polish and if I do right by it, more substance. Any and all comments are welcome, I appreciate any chance at understanding criticisms because all of its constructive.
Thanks again and I hope you enjoy your stay :D