Friday, September 28, 2012

Football Heroes is half way there! Please help our project cross the finish line. :)

Hello there folks! This is another piece for Football Heroes, a project my friends Mike and Nathan have on Kickstarter that has reached its halfway point for funding. We are doing a great push to fully fund the game, and with the aid of Kickassist on the Magic Pixel home page and your help we can get the word out that this game is great and worthy to be on your iOS device of choice. Below are links to the Kickstarter and Kickassist pages, also Mike's wife Luci posted on Reddit on behalf of her man and team. Please up-vote the article and help make a dream come true. Thanks for taking a look!

More artwork on the way!


Kickassist Link

Kickstarter Link

Reddit Link

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Ras' Pew Pew Pew Pootin

Quick painting of Rasputin summoning the lost princess for one last dance; her folks weren't prepared for such a dastardly display of the dark arts.  :)

Figure drawing session and quick painting from sketches. :)

Went to a great figure drawing session last Friday with my girl, Richard and Neel. Everyone was knocking out great pieces and with the abundance of inspiration I took two sketches and shaped them into a quick color comp. I had fun working out of such a rich tone. More to come. :)

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

FOOTBALL HEROES: Kickstarter Update!

Hello there! I've been lending a hand at Run Games with my pals Mike and Nate and they've created an amazing game for the IOS. It's a Tecmo Bowl style football game with power ups and stat boosts like an action RPG. The team at Run really know games and they are finishing their latest title strong. 

Run Games has just opened up its' Kickstarter page where you can help them to the finish line. These are some of the illustrations that will be used in promotions for Football Heroes, more on the way so stay tuned. I'm enjoying creating artwork for this subject matter and I feel lucky to work with such talented folk. Check out our efforts in the link below. :)