Thursday, May 11, 2006

it looks bigger, smaller...?

here is a study i did the other day. wanted to do more of them but time is short these days. about an hour or less of fun time with this gal, the photo i had as referance was quite nice and helped me move alot quicker. hopefully more to come, cause this stuff is exciting to me. maybe something with flowers or goonies inspired next.


Kevin said...

good sketch, i think there should be some brush texture variation though. and perhaps some more definition in the background elements. just my opinion. good colors though.

Anonymous said...

Great muted color. Nice and fast. Not labored*over. Background looks about right. Gives hints of urban rubble but not distracting from the tank. Gives feeling of atmospheric perspective. What did they call it in art school? Sfumato?
I'm inspired to do one myself now.

*(laboured for the Brits and Canadians)