Thursday, April 13, 2006

didn't want to show it yet, but whatever

Here is a post in progress, I’m doing a bunch of thumbs based on art I like and stuff I wanted to do that wasn't work related. These are fun little guys and done in an hour and 2 for the boat cause I can't make up my mind (the latest version has flying whales now "me'n flying whales parted ways a long time ago, you see they burnt down my village").

Well anywho, more to come if I can squirrel away more time for this cool* type a stuff.

*cool and all things kinda cool are subject to change on artistic whims and tantrums thereof. So what is cool today absolutely doesn’t have to be cool tomorrow, ya dig.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

flying whales?!??!!!! dooood! i can't wait to see those!! the long ship scene is beautiful and gloomy.
- nick :)